• Elizabeth

Chris and Julie.

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Last week I had the amazing privilege of photographing one of the most head-over-heels-in-love couples I've ever met. Chris, an artist and community organizer, and Julie, a teacher and self described "linguist, partner, and world-changing woman" have been together for seven years. They are both incredible leaders of the St. Louis disability community, leading the fight on accessibility, independent living, and disability rights.

When I first met Julie a year ago, she told me about how people generally assume her to be the "caretaker" in the relationship. Julie and Chris both have cerebral palsy, Julie is partially blind, and Chris uses a wheelchair. But when people look at them as a couple, they immediately assign care "giver" and "receiver" roles, simply based on the disability they can see for themselves.

Chris and Julie are used to breaking stereotypes though. And watching their connection, any preconceived roles are quickly forgotten, along with any thoughts of how love, sexuality, and relationships with disability must be. Their relationship is fully built on equality, trust, and more passion than most have in a lifetime.

I'm so excited to work with more individuals and couples like Julie and Chris. It's time for our community to reclaim our romance, sexuality, and love. Let's break some stereotypes about what disability is. I want to help you show whatever you want it to be.