• Elizabeth


David's accident happened 14 years ago this fall. He's told me the story of it more than once, and is open to answer any questions I have. Everyone who is starting a new life of disability needs their own David to help them like mine did: showing me how to open heavy doors from my chair, the right way to propel without causing injury, and making me feel a lot more comfortable being an independent wheelchair user.

David is great at reminding me to love myself and take it slow when I need to. His advice to new wheelchair users is simple, but not easy: "Be kind to yourself. It takes babies years to learn to walk. You're not going to get used to the chair in a month. Accidents will happen. You'll get frustrated and scream. And that's healthy. A LOT has changed. But you will adapt. You will find ways to enjoy life. Maybe some ways that you never would have found without the injury. You just have to go find whatever that is. "

David's confidence is awesome and he was absolutely marvelous to work with. We had a lot of fun playing with gender and pushing boundaries. I love working with such adventurous models, combining gender fluidity and bridging the gap just a little more between the disabled and queer communities. We need more unity, and hopefully I can be someone to help encourage that, one photo at a time.